July 20 2013

After sending 2 units containerised waste cuttings system to Russia, GN sent another 1 unit to the same customer. This units is same designed by installing all equipment in one unit Container. Considering the operation conveneint, this time, the container was designed with 2 doors on one side of container. Also easy for equipment getting in and out.

Containerised design ensures the smoothly operation in low tempreture condition outside. Equipment involved in this system listed below:

  • GN930 Vertical Cutting Dryer applicated as dewatering unit to treat the drilling cuttings coming from the solids control shaker.
  • GNLW363 Centrifuge variable speed control for different condition drilling mud.

Variable speed centrifuge for cuttings treatment

  • Variable speed Screw Feeding Pump transfer the mud from cutting dryer holding tank to Centrifuge, the control panel for screw pump locates in same control box together with centrifuge control panel for convenient purpose.

More and more drilling contractors are focusing on recovering as much as possible volume drilling mud for cost saving and environment protection. As an API certified manufacturer for Cuttings Dryer and High Speed Centrifuge, GN Solids already gained rich experience in this driling waste management business.