December 29 2012

Extremely low tempreture in Russia bring difficulty to the drilling operation. Therefore, many job was done indoor and the equipments was covered by cosy. Just like the containerized drilling waste management system GN sent to Russia.

GNCD930 Verti G Cutting Dryer

After considering the customer's requirements of continously working under the low tempreture, the equipments was installed in one unit standard 40'container. This design also make the transportaion very easy.

The Drilling Waste Management System consists:

1. 1 Unit GNCD930 Verti G Cutting Dryer
2. 1 Unit VFD control centrifuge
3. Screw Pump & Tank system feeding to centrifuge with level gauge to prevent idling of pump.

GN Solids Control is the very few manufacturer who could offer both high speed centrifuge and Verti G cutting dryer used in drilling waste management in China. With more and more good remarks from customer in waste management industry, GN will do much better in future.