September 07 2013

In the just past Australia No Dig Down Under exhibiton, GN Solids shown there 150GPM compact structure mud recycling system with double deck mud cleaner.

GN 150GPM Mud System Specification:

  • Mud Tank total volume 190ft3
  • Double deck shale shaker and desilter composite device Mini Cleaner in which the lower screen could be used as primary shaker to remove the large size solid particles, while the upper screen functioned to more dryer the discharge out from the desilter cone nozzle. The upper deck would be use much finer screen. This composition unit greatly save the occupancy area of the under based mud tank.

  • Jet mud mixing unit for adding mud chemicals to keep the mud specific gravity consistent to make sure drilling smooth performance. This 150GPM is really a fully functional mud system unit.

GN Mud System Popular in Australia No Dig Industry

So far,GN Solids Control already sent the whole line No Dig Mud System from 150GPM to 1500GPM to Australia clients. Various from the capacity, the unit 500GPM is a best seller. You may contact with GN's agent TT Asia Pacific if any request aroused.