June 14 2015

Because of the new regulations of the environmental protections in the Chinese market, as the leading international Brand for drilling waste management, GN Solids Control has shipped over 30 Set closed loop waste management system for the domestic oilfield market in 2015.

Closed loop Mud System

The reasons for GN Solids Control won most of the biding are as following:


1)    More successful cases:

As one of the first company who develop the drilling waste management products, GN has already developed the vertical cuttings dryer in 2011 which is much earlier than our competitors. More important, GN has a lot of successful cases for the waste management products around the world. One of them is the oilfield service Giant Baker Huges ,who took 4 sets complete drilling waste management system from GN and applied it in Siberia with very low temperature at minus 40.
More cases:
More videos:

2)   Powerful hardware and software capability

With our 650,000 SF facility and advanced processing machineries, GN produce the state of the art solids control and waste management products. GN Solids Control is the first API certified solidscontrol company in China, and GN is also certified by Europe DNV CE and Russia TP RU as well as HSE system.

cuttings dryer with skid  Vertical Cuttings Dryer 

3)   Most cost-effective products

Since GN Solids Control market position is the middle and top level clients at home and abroad. So our main competitors are from US and Europe, this put us to make the best quality products withthe best material and technology. GN don’t sell low price products, GN only sell reasonable price products. GN not only care about the performance, but more also the durable of the products formiddle and long term investment.

Above and following photos are another two sets waste management products for domestic oilfield.