July 23 2015

As China leading manufacturer for solids control & drilling waste management equipment, we support Africa market a lot with latest technology equipment, good quality and reasonable price. Recently, we have 2 Package Drilling waste management equipment ready delivery for Africa market.

2 ea vertical cuttings dryer with high telescopic skid

After many years’ research and development, GN Vertical cuttings dryer is working in many international oil drilling jobsite. It is our honor to work with international oil service companies, like Baker Hughes, Shell, CPVEN, ONGC, NIDC etc.
The new project is for our old customer in Africa with over 10 sets land drilling rigs. We have continuously been supporting them over 2 years. Last year they buy 3 sets vertical cuttings dryer & 6 sets decanter centrifuge, working for 3 land rigs. After they tested the working performance, they repeat orders for 2 sets vertical cuttings dryer & 4 sets decanter centrifuge.
For now, GN has 2 kinds of model vertical cuttings dryer: GNCD930 and GNCD730. Different size cuttings dryer will fit for different jobsite requirements. Especially for offshore drilling, GNCD730 vertical cuttings dryer with smaller size will fit better.

2015.7.23 vertical cuttings dryer

4 ea decanter centrifuge with feed pump

4 ea decanter centrifuges divide into 2 sets. 1 set include 1 ea variable speed decanter centrifuge & 1 ea fixed speed centrifuge. They are working for 2 sets land rig solids control service. This kind of combination is relatively economic choice. The high price variable speed centrifuge can change speed very flexible; the lower price fixed speed centrifuge takes about 2-3 hours to change belt pulley to get different speed. They work together to do barite recovery (variable speed centrifuge with lower speed) or cut mud weight (variable speed centrifuge with high speed & high speed fixed speed centrifuge)

2015.7.23 decanter centrifuge

12 ea screw conveyor

Screw conveyor is used to transfer wet and coarse drilling cuttings discharged from shale shaker & desander & desilter to vertical cuttings dryer. The cuttings dryer will dryer the cuttings, remove the coarse solids and return back the clean fluids for reuse.

2015.7.23 screw conveyor

10 ea screw pump

4 ea screw pump is used for feeding decanter centrifuge, 2 ea screw pump is used for flushing the vertical cuttings dryer, the other 4 sets screw pump is used for transferring back the clean drilling mud from vertical cuttings dryer.

For customers committed in solids control service, drilling waste management service, mud service, drilling service, or other related oil service companies, pls contact us freely for any requirements. GN Solids Control will be your best choice on solids control & drilling waste management solution provider. Thanks for reading.