Dec 21

TDU is mainly for hard treatment material,and normally as the last step of whole waste management system

When decided way to treat/manage waste like sludge or slurry,need check contect of material to design economic/fast solution

For example of this material contect:

  • 59% Moisture
  • 30% Solids
  • 11% Oil
  • Total Monthly Volume 1500 MT
  • 24hr Operation

The liquid content is 59%+11%=70%,percentage is very high,it will waste a lot energy if feed to TDU directly,because TDU’s ability is face to liquid part of material and request high energy cost,if have low cost pretreatment way to reduce mainly liquid part of material,the TDU will focus energy to treat hard removable part of liquid,to raise speed and save cost

GN oil sludge treatment system can collect most part of material,and the cost is not high like TDU,we can use it as pretreatment way for TDU to raise treatment speed and save cost

Also the TDU’s capacity is not big normally,like 3.5-5ton/hour,when material quantity is very high,for raise speed of whole treatment progress,pretreatment will be very important to reduce material quantity,and let TDU treat important liquid part,to reach best efficiency


Some pretreatment was will design based on waste management unit, based on different request and quantity


For more question,please contact GN solids control

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