Dec 14

With mud system for tunnel boring,GN solids control will give best solution

About the way will be called shield for soft soil layer will be used for rock formation called the TBM Slurry Treatment plant.Shield is generally separated into hand-leg-shield, TBM Slurry Treatment plant squeeze Shield, Shield semi-mechanical (partial pressure, global atmospheric pressure), mechanical shield (thoracotomy cutting shield, according to the working principle of mud pressure shield, pneumatic shield ,mixed shield, EPB shield,  shaped shield).

With shield TBM slurry system construction machine,when with a high degree of automation, to save manpower, construction speed, into the climate,a hole, ¬†and excavation of ground subsidence TBM sludge and slurry separate system can control to reduce the impact of buildings on the ground and the excavation under water, It doesn’t affect the water transport characteristics, long tunnel hole in the line, depth at large, with the shield machine construction more economical and reasonable.

For basic principle of shield machine,it’s a cylinder of steel components along the tunnel axis side forward side of the soil excavation. That component of the cylinder housing shield, TBM MUD separation plant plays a role in temporary support has been excavated tunnel lining segments with stand the pressure of the surrounding soil, TBM slurry treatment System groundwater and sometimes subjected to pressure and will stand in the groundwater outside. Mining, dump, Tunnel boring mud system lining and other operations carried out under cover of the shield.

With more detail about solids control system and sludge treatment,please view at GN solids control

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