August 28 2017

In order to relax, recovery from a long time intense working state, in the meanwhile, for new staff integrating into the GN team, all GN staffs had a tour to BaShang Grassland last week.

Believe in yourself, believe in the collective
The first day every new staff come in GN, he will know, the first consciousness is team spirit. One person alone would be small, but with a team as back force, single man could create greater value than expectation. Believe in yourself, believe in the collective. When you devote to the collective, you will get more from the collective.


Stick one more step, the peak is there
There is an old saying ‘those who intend to walk a hundred miles often stop at ninety.’ Sometimes, only one more step to success, if you stick to it, you win; you give up, you lose. Simple choice, but very different result. Perseverance is another one spirit that GN always advocates.

Bumper harvest both work and life
It is blind to oppose work and life. No pain, no gain. Work will bring you necessary substantial condition to life, even more. In return, a happy life will wipe out everything blocked in your working. GN believes in down-to-earth and committed to provide plat to staff for showing their talent.

Thanks to everyone who gives the sweats in GN, wish GN brighter future.