May 07 2017

This week, one set of 500 GPM mud recycling system for an Africa client is ready for delivery. This mud recycling system will be used in a trenchless drilling project for recovery of used drilling fluids, this could greatly save the cost on water and mud material, and in the meanwhile, reusing of the drilling fluids is good for environmental protection.
Different from the previous mud recycling system, this time, the mud tank was designed trailer mounted. The advantage of trailer mounted mud system is easy for transportation; a tractive drive can move the mud system from one site to another without involving the crane for lifting the equipment.

This 500 GPM mud recycling system is self-contained design, it includes three stages for solids particles separation.
Primary shale shaker– the shale shake unit is normally used for screen out the solids with size larger than 200 microns by fixing the API 80 shaker screen. On the same shaker model, the higher API number screen used, the smaller particles would be removed out. Nowadays, all GN’s shaker is fixed with composite frame screen for longer working time. GN new developed method to changing the screen would greatly increase the working efficiency.
Mud cleaner unit – mud cleaner is one type of equipment including the de-sander cyclone and de-silter cyclone. The cyclone could remove out the particles down to 20 microns. Under located drying shaker could recover more fluids from the slurry discharged from the cyclone unit.
Pump system – in this mud system, total 3 unit centrifugal pumpare installed on the tank skid. 2 of them are used for feeding mud to the cyclone units; the other one is for mud mixing.

GN’s mud recycling system for trenchless ranges from 200 GPM to 1500 GPM, by composing few units of the same models, a bigger model is made. GN also developed economic mud recycling unitfor cost saving purpose. For more information, welcome contact with GN Solids Control.