February 12 2018

GN’s annual celebration of 2018 was held on Feb. 11th, 2018. The topic of this evening party is ‘Stay True to the Mission’. How time flies, GN has experienced for 10 years which is a history for development as well as struggle.

The General Manager, Mr. Pengxian Zhou, said when at the beginning of the celebration “To create a world-class brand is our original intend when we set up the company”. During the 10 years, GN was gradually known and approved by the clients for the quality. In Domestic market, GN has had the much deeper cooperation with CNPC, Sinopec and CNOOC, and become the prioritized vender for rig manufactures. While in abroad, GN’s products had served more than 70 countries and regions. Many word well known solids control equipment users, including Baker Hughes, EMEC, Russia Petroleum and clients from America, had highly thought on GN Solids Control. In the past 2017, though the market was dim, GN’s sale has still increased by 20%. Look back, GN has been staying true to the mission. Absolutely, every GN person was proud for what GN has made. However, the most important is to look forward to the future. To meet the demand of future development, GN has purchased new land of 20 acres in Yutian, Tangshan for new facility setting up. GN is going to build an intelligent production line that would be consisting of robot fabrication, industry internet technology, MES site manufacturing management system. The purpose is to apply advanced fabrication technology to ensure products quality and increase the working efficiency, and to do something for creating China National Brand.

Under the leading of .General Manager, Mr. Zhou, so many staffs in GN has become the fans of HUAWEI. The topic of GN annual celebration 2017 is “Never get back until break the Loulan city”, which has also advocated by Zhengfei Ren, one of the founder and CEO of HUAWEI. GN has always advocating the fighter culture that everyone fighting together with the company would get the opportunity to be recognized. Fighter might not succeed, but the winners must have struggled. These years, most of the awards were coming from HUAWEI. This year, the special awards are 5 color TVs, first awards are 10 HUAWEI Pads, second awards are 20 HUAWEI cell phone, third awards are 40 HUAWEI bracelet phone, forth awards are 60 Midea electric hotpot cookers. Again, congratulations to all prize winners.


Followed are the awards for outstanding performance
1. Outstanding Contribution Awads, 2 persons, cars of amount RMB 80,000.00
2. Sales Elite Awards, 10 persons, total RMB 500,000.00 allowance for purchasing of personal apartment and car.
3. Red Envelop , first class, 4 person, second class, 13 person, third class 18 persons.
4. Team Reward:Outward Bound for #3 and #4 section of manufacturing department.

GN’s annual celebration would be held once a year, and it has be an important part of GN culture. Worked hard for one year, and once stayed together for drilling and chatting, everyone had enjoyed the harmony atmosphere. Finally, may everyone happy and step up in the new year of 2018.