March 09 2017

GN got one more order of solids control equipment from a Russia client at the beginning of this year. This order includes primary shale shaker, mud cleaner, drilling fluids transferring centrifugal pumps and decanter centrifuge unit.
When choosing the equipment, especially in the oil drilling industry, most of the buyer will not only consider the price. The quality and performance would be preferred. This is why GN’s solids control equipment is widely accepted.

Why Choose GN Shale Shaker and Mud Cleaner

Structure simple is one of GN shaker’s features, which makes it easy to operate.

  • Easy to turn on and turn off only by pressing the buttons on the explosion proof control panel. Easy to adjust the shaker deck angle during the running of the shaker only by using a ratchet wrench. Adjusting from either one side, the shaker deck both sides adjusted at the same time.
  • Easy to change the shaker screen by using the same ratchet wrench, comparing the hammer pushing, wrench replacing saves much more time and avoid the damage of hammer ramming.
  • Complete heat treatment on the shaker deck and the horizontal beam design greatly increase the anti vibration force of the shaker deck.
  • High quality composite frame shaker screen fixing on the shaker unit ensure a long time working time without stop to replacing the screen.
  • All GN’s shaker unit has pre-drilled installation hole on the shaker base structure, these holes are or the installation of cyclone manifold. Operator only need bolt the cyclone manifold on the shaker then to get a mud cleaner unit.

GN provides the main solids control equipment like shaker, decanter centrifuge, and degasser unit with control panel. For the pump unit and the mud agitator unit, GN is also able to supply equipment together with electric control panel. GN has own control panel fabrication workshop and all GN’s control panels would be explosion proof standard for hazardous area application.

The client got solids control equipment from GN and mud tanks locally; this is a good business cooperation method. To ensure a prompt delivery, GN has sufficient shaker deck in stock, what needed is only getting the motor and assembling.