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April 16 2012

Shale Shaker Screens are one of the major business for GN Solids Control. We understand, the cost-effective shale shaker screens are very important for the drilling operations solids control equipment. 

So GN keeps research and develop the best technology to manufacture top quality shaker screens for our clients. GN is able to make around 8000 PCs of shaker screens every month.

With our distribution network and cost-effective products, GN Shale Shaker Screens are popular  around the world.

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GN Screen Type

  • Hook strip flat screen
  • Steel frame screen
  • Composite frame screen
  • Pyramid screen
  • Hook strip soft screen
  • And more…

GN Replacement Screen


What API Size Shaker Screen available from GN

D 100 Separation(Micron)API Screen Number
>7801.0 TO 925.0 API 20
> 550.0 TO 655.0 API 30
> 390.0 TO 462.0 API 40
> 275.0 TO 390.0 API 50
> 231.0 TO 275.0 API 60
> 196.0 TO 231.0 API 70
> 165.0 TO 196.0 API 80
> 137.5 TO 165.0 API 100
> 116.5 TO 137.5 API 120
> 98.0 TO 116.5 API 140
> 82.5 TO 98.0 API 170
> 69.0 TO 82.0 API 200
> 58.0 TO 69.0 API 230
> 49.0 TO 58.0 API 270
> 41.5 TO 49.0 API 325
> 35.0 TO 41.5 API 400

Composite Frame Shale Shaker Screen

Popular for GNZS594 Shale Shaker, Mi-Swaco Mongoose Shale Shaker, NOV Brandt Cobra Shaker, VSM300 Shaker etc.

Light Weight, More Open Area, Longer Life


Steel Frame Shale Shaker Screen

Popular for GNZS703 Shale Shaker, Mi-Swaco Mongoose and D380 Shale Shaker, NOV Brandt Cobra Shaker, VSM300 Shaker etc.

Wide Applications, Less Cost, Pre-tensioned.


Hard Hook Strip Shaker Screen

Popular for Derrick Shale Shakers FLC500 and FLC 2000 Shaker, Mi-Swaco ALS Shale Shaker etc.

Available with Pyramid and Flat Shape. Wide Applications, Less Cost, Light Weight.

Hard-Hook-Strip-Shaker-Screen-1 Hard-Hook-Strip-Shaker-Screen-2 Hard-Hook-Strip-Shaker-Screen-3

Customized Packing/Label And Worldwide distributions

Not Just Solution, But Also Support.

To help to marketing the screens for your own brand, GN Solids Control also provide the customized package and label (OEM) services for our clients.

To provide the fast delivery for our world wide clients.GN Solids Control worldwide distribution network close to your operation can help you to keep stock of shale shaker screens for your requirements.

Locations available:

China, USA, Russia, Australia, Middle East, Argentina, Brazil Romania Etc.

You can contact us to check for more.

For more information of GN shale shaker screen. Please call or email GN Solids control.


[1]Derrick and FLC are marks of Derrick Corporation

[2]Brandt and NOV are marks of National Oilwell Varco

[3]MI-Swaco and Mongoose are marks of Schlumberger




GN Videos

Latest Products

  • Solids Removal Unit for Mining Industry

    GN Compact Solids Removal Unit (SRU) is used for drilling fluids solids control for the small mining rigs to do diamond drilling. Instead of using traditional drilling sumps

  • Liquid Mud Plant

    GN Solids Control design and manufacture different size of liquid mud plant according to your need. We can design and build both vertical tanks, rectangular tank ,round tanks etc. depends on your space and requirements

  • Dredge Slurry Dewatering System

    Dredge Slurry dewatering system is dredge slurry separation system consist of shale shaker, desander, desilter or decanter centrifuge for 3 to 6 stage separation depending on the needs

  • TBM Slurry Separation Plant

    An efficient TBM slurry separation plant is the basis for the successful use of slurry-supported tunnel boring machines(TBM). The GN Slurry separation plant is popular for project of AVN Machines , Mixshields  or Shaft Sinking Machines

  • 9 Inch (220) Decanter Centrifuge – Baby Centrifuge

    The 9 Inch Decanter Centrifuge is a baby centrifuge which is the world smallest industry decanter. The bowl of the centrifuge is 9 inch (220mm). As the compact design, it’s popular for client to use it in small capacity or limited space application for solids and liquid separation

  • GN Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU)

    GN Thermal Desorption Unit is an ex-situ, non-incineration technology designed to separate hydrocarbons from various matrices including oilfield waste, oil based drilling cuttings, soil, sludge, sand, filter-cake, tank and tanker bottoms, organic-based hazardous waste and contaminated soil in a non-oxidizing atmosphere without destroying the hydrocarbons.

  • 14 Inch (360) Decanter Centrifuge – High Speed Centrifuge

    The GN 14 inch (360mm) diameter bowl decanter centrifuge which has a length over diameter ratio of 3.5:1 with high speed up to 4000 RPM. The centrifugally casted duplex stainless steel bowl and the tungsten carbide hardened tiles on the solids conveyor maximize the GNLW363 centrifuges operational service life between overhauls.

  • 18 Inch (450) Decanter Centrifuge – High Performance Centrifuge

    The GN 18 inch (450mm) diameter bowl decanter centrifuge which has a length over diameter ratio of 3.4:1 or 4:1 for removal of low gravity solids from the liquid at reduced operating costs. The centrifuge is fitted with a 75 hp main drive and a 30 hp back-drive at one end.

  • 22 Inch (550) Decanter Centrifuge – High Capacity Centrifuge

    The GN 22 inch (550mm) bowl diameter decanter centrifuge is a high capacity centrifuge. GN 22inch centrifuge is optional in bowl length and diameter ration of 3.3:1 or 4.2:1. This Fully Variable Speed VFD controlled unit is built using the most reliable and robust electrical components

  • 30 Inch (760) Decanter Centrifuge – Big Bowl Centrifuge

    The GN 30 inch (760mm) bowl diameter decanter centrifuge is a big bowl centrifuge. GN 30inch centrifuge is with bowl length and diameter ration of 4.2:1. This bowl size allows client to handle big volume fluids with one single unit.

  • 3 Phase Decanter Centrifuge

    GN 3 phase decanter centrifuge is used to separate two liquid phases from one solid phase at the same time. As is known, decant centrifuge principle of separation is by G force.

  • Coal Screen Scroll Centrifuge

    GNCD930 Vertical Screen Scroll Centrifuge allows you to handle coal from higher fines recovery and maintaining the lowest product discharge moistures possible. The GNCD930 Coal Screen Scroll Centrifuge is designed for fine coal drying with significantly high capacity per energy unit.

  • Explosion Proof Control Panels

    GN Explosion proof electrical control panels or electrical control stations are used in hazardous Location. The Ex control panel is designed and built to operate in environments where concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, liquids or combustible particles pose risks of ignition and explosion.

  • Explosion Proof Junction Box

    GN Explosion Proof Junction Box is optional in ATEX approval, IEC Ex approval, and CN Ex Approval for Zone 1 or Zone 2, class I division 1 and division 2 hazardous locations.

  • Explosion Proof Motor Starters

    GN Solids Control explosionproof motor startersare rugged and compact complete system and are Europe ATEX and International IEC Ex as well as China National CN Ex certified for use in Zone 1 or Zone 2 areas where motor circuit protection is required.

  • Explosion Proof Pressurized VFD Control Panels

    GN Explosion Proof Pressurized Control Panel is popular used for VFD controland soft starter of motor, especially in high temperature ambient. The explosion proof pressurized control panel consists of main cavity and auxiliary cavity.