July 11 2017

To recover the oil from oily sludge is a good business nowadays. The contractor collect the waste sludge including oil from the client, and processing in their plant, they could get the separated oil, water and the solids. The contractors earn money by providing waste management service and selling the oil.
GN has already designed one complete set of processing system for oil sludge, or we can also call it oil viscous liquid. Till now, there are total 3 of this type oil viscous liquid processing system in Middle East.

The latest one set processing system completed the installation is consisting of below several modules.
1. Premixing Module – the contractor may have their own slurry pump that can be use to take the oil viscous liquid from the far away pit to the processing system. The slurry will be stored in a tank with mixer. Heated by the steam and mixed with chemicals, the slurry in the premixing tank will have a higher liquidity for easy pumping.
2. Coarse Screening Module – the slurry in the premixing tank will be fed to a high G force drying shakerfor coarse solids separation. The liquid dropping into the tank will be added with demulsifier to let the oil get off the solids. The tank used here is also called sludge washing tank.

3. Fine Solids Separation Module – The sludge then is fed to the decanter centrifugefor fine solids separation. Before getting into the centrifuge, the sludge will be mixed with flocculants, like PAM, to gather the ultra fine solids in the sludge. This will increase the separation efficiency in the centrifuge.
4. Dosing System – this containerized chemical dosing system is used to make and add the flocculants or demulsifier to the premixing tank and sludge washing tank. It is an indispensable part of this oil viscous liquid processing system.
5. 3-Phase Separation Module – Almost all the oil viscous liquid is a mixture of oil, water and solids. The purpose of the process is to get clean oil, water, thus the 3-phase separation process in needed. This module mainly includes clarifier, O/W separator, and buffer tank for separated oil and water.

Clients who are interested in this oil viscous liquid processing system can keep an eye on GN updated post regarding the performance in near future. If proposal and more specifications needed on this system, welcome contact GN freely.