May 17 2017

GN Solids Control is known as one of the separation solution provider. One of the fields where GN’s solution can be applied is mining sludge separation. In some mining area, the operators use high pressure water to flush the ore to get the small size ore quickly, while the problem is the ore need to be separated out from the water. Dewatering equipment is needed to do this job.
GN designed 2-step separation system for the client from Vietnam. It has coarse separation and fine separation.


The shaker unit is always used to be the coarse separation equipment. With high vibration force, the shaker unit could remove out the solids in sludge with size large than the mesh size of the screen. The ore is always rigid and grinding, thus, the screen fixed on the shaker unit could be polyurethane material for longer lifetime. This system adopted GN shaker unit with new designed shaker deck with easy access for sludge feeding.

Decanter centrifuge is the ideal equipment for fine solids dewatering process. During the high speeding rotating, the fine ore solids would be separated out from the water as different material density. In this system, GN proposed the 18 inch model GNLW453-VFD, this model is equipped with a variable frequency control panel to realize the different rotary speed. By adjusting the speed, feeding rate, liquid level inner the bowl, the operator could adjust dryness of the discharged solids and clarity of the effluence.
The shaker and decanter centrifuge need to be seated on a mud tank so that the liquid discharged could be collected properly. The tank is divided into 2 compartments for collect the effluence respectively from shaker and centrifuge. A mono pump is also fixed on the tank skid for transferring the sludge from tank #1 to centrifuge for further process.

Before getting into this separation system, the operator would have a pit to collect the flushing sludge and then use a pump transfer to the shaker unit.
GN’s equipment are widely used in many industries for solids and liquid separation like drilling fluids recycling, dredging slurry separation, crude oil storage tank bottom flushing water recycling etc. If you need separation solutions, welcome contact with GN.