December 22 2017

The Christmas and New Year are getting closer and closer. GN hopes all clients, no matter Christian or not, will have a good time during these two festivals. Enjoying the time staying with family, everyone would be relax and think about something, something beautiful, bright and hopeful.
Look back the past one year, GN acquainted many new clients and make friends with them. Moreover, most of them gave their confidence to GN and placed orders for solids control equipment and relative wear parts. In the meanwhile, GN also kept touch with old clients and both parties know each other much deeper.
In order to give GN’s greeting to all the clients, GN prepared small elegant gifts to all the clients who will help to fill GN’s Customer Feedback Form. GN would like to get the evaluation from all clients and hear about their suggestions. Clients’ feedback is the cornerstone of GN’s development.

How to get the gift from GN

Step 1, Please click below link to download the Customer Feedback Form

Step 2, Fill the customer feedback form
Write down your comments on GN’s products quality, sales representative, after sales service and even the commissioning engineer’s performance on site. Only need to mark a Tick in the form to give your idea. Client can also give their suggestions to help GN to improve.

Step 3, Scan or take a picture of the filled form, send back to GN
For the clients who have specific contact person in GN, the scanned form could be sent via email to the right person. If don’t know where to send, then the filled form could be sent to Don’t forget leave your company information and your physical address for receiving the gift.

Step 4, Waiting gift
Once the customer feedback form was received, GN’s sales person would acknowledge the receipt and arrange the gift delivery. All the gifts are ordered online, and will be sent via international express to door. Clients no need step out the room.

Hurry up or else waiting the gift next year. GN is looking forward your feedback to help us to be much better. , Either praise or criticism, that is the care to GN.