June 22 2011

Last month we exported 2 decanter centrifuge in stock to Ecuador, then we supply another Russian client 1 decanting centrifuge in stock. To supply equipment and systems more timely, we are going to enlarge the in stock materils and equipment, also, we will have one testing system in our new factory in Beijing to show the absolutely process and result.

decanter centrifuge to Ecudor

These decanter centrifuge in stock is GLW-V355x1250N, which is high speed upto 3200 rpm, and varialbe speed by frenquancy converter, check the detail decanter centrifuge technique description.

decanter centrifuge in stock
Then if products in stock required, usually can not transport by sea, but there will be dimension restrict. GN can provide clients for complete service including shipment or recommed some good freight forwarder with rich experience for the large equipments. The limit dimension of GN decanter centrifuge model GLW355x1250 in transportation is 3x2x1.47m, which is accepted by air freight company.

And the elevating leg type not only make it more fleaxible in the drilling site, also will be more suitable for transportation. Contact for more details.