April 04 2017

GN marketing team had a wonderful tour last week in Thailand. Everyone in the team enjoyed it. Some ones excited for their first time abroad travel, some ones were happy for feeling different culture and some ones were focusing on the amazing sightseeing.

Every year, GN will set up special fund for award of staff that made outstanding contribution to the company. In the year of 2016, GN marketing team worked hard and gained exciting achievement that the whole team was awarded a one-week tour to Thailand.

From the solemn Grand Palace to charming scenery on the beach, and to the brilliant Pattaya nightlife, in the same time of viewing these sceneries, GN marketing team also felt the different culture and customs. This is really a travel for relax, and an opportunity to see, to feel, to think.

Happy Work, Happy Life
Work is not all part of the life, but life will not be life without work. It is incredible one can live well without a good job. A well done work not only brings necessary life material basis but also self-confidence to everyone. With these, the life will be full of sunshine. A more flexible life will also help one achieve much large success in work. Thus, happy work and happy life is one of GN’s visions to every works in the company.

Company to be Family
Most people disagree to treat the company as family. However, there is an old saying ‘The home is where the heart is’. GN always advocates to all staff to see the company as home from every trifle thing. GN wishes everyone working here does like this; moreover, GN is indeed doing the same to all staff. Only let all the staff working here feel like in the same family, they can contribute more to the company.


Develop Together, Growth Together
Tom Zhou, the President of GN, said ‘I wish all persons working in GN can get what they want here, like substantial income, position promotion and a happy life. I will try my best to make it happen. I wish in the same of company growing, all persons in GN will grow together.’ Most people in the marketing team have been with GN more than 5 years. GN provided platform for them, thus they can show the talent there. They bring profit to GN, in the meanwhile, they realize their own value.