May 11 2017

It was the 6th year for GN to show at the OTC. As leading brand of separation solution brand in China, in the past nearly 10 years since the foundation, GN developed the normal solids control equipment, waste cuttings management system. Till now, GN’s oily sludge treatment and soil remediation solution are also completed and available. Every year at the OTC, GN will brought new releases as keeping improving is one the critical features of GN Solids. It is the clients’ feedback and comments urge GN continuously going forward. And in the mean while, GN is glad to bring the user-friendly equipment and solution to all the clients, not only take convenience buy also make clients’ more profit. By now, more and more professionals in the industry have paid close attention on GN Solids. GN is also looking forward the future cooperation.

1) New released shale shaker

GN new released shale shaker adopts the gear rack technology which makes replacing of the shaker screen much easier than ever before. Operators only need one ratchet wrench to take off the old screens and fix the new ones. More interesting is by using the same ratchet wrench, operators can adjust the shaker deck angle during the shaker running so that to make the discharged cuttings much dryer or wetter. Another one feature of GN shaker is the sealing technology on the screen frame. Hollow seal strips are embedded on the U type stainless steel screen frame. Using the hammer for embedding, taking off the old rubbers could be done even manually. This type seals ensure the sealing performance in the maximum degree.

2) Full line shaker screen available

GN is able to provide replacement screen for almost all popular brand shaker models.
Replacement screen for flat type and pyramid type.
Replacement screen for hook strip type and frame type.
Replacement screen for steel frame type and composite frame type.
Should you have any requirement, pls contact GN Solids Control for more information.

3) Core equipment for new separation solution of waste management

GN already developed series equipment would be used in GN’s separation solutions like waste cuttings management, dewatering system, oily sludge treatment and soil remediation system. Below are 2 of the core equipment shown at OTC this year.
Vertical cuttings dryer – cuttings dryer is usually used in the waste cuttings management system. It could recover more fluids in the cuttings discharged from the primary shale shaker unit in solids control system. GN now has model of GNCD930 and GNCD730 for smaller capacity as well. This unit can reduce the OOC down to 5%.

High speed decanter centrifuge – GN’s decanter centrifuge are widely used in the waste cuttings system for dryer effluence fluids polishing, in dewatering system for ultra fine solids separation and oily sludge treatmeet for oil recovery. Balancing is one of the critical factors for evaluating the centrifuge performance. GN’s centrifuge is pressed for 3-stage balancing test to ensure the running balance including 1800RPM low speed balancing and real operation high speed balancing as well as the assembly balancing. For more information GN centrifuge material choosing and critical parts protection, please contact GN freely.

OTC is good platform for clients to learn about GN, here, GN can communicate freely with all visitors and tell them about GN’s vision: Bring convenience for users and create profit for clients.