June 18 2017

The oily sludge treatment system is one of GN new developed separation solution for waste management. It normally could be used in oil recovery and soil remediation. The sludge being treated is mainly coming from oil base drilling cuttings, oil storage tank flushing sludge and oily waste from refinery plant.
As most of the oily sludge is a mixture of oil, water and soil, this oily sludge treatment is always a 3 phase separation process. Rather than a 3 phase decanter centrifuge, GN proposed a series modular equipment to do this 3 phase separation job with high efficiency.
GN oily sludge treatment system has followed 3 main functions: solids and liquid separation, demulsion process and oil water separation. All the functions are realized within different tank and skid module.

Solids Separation Procedure – GN oily sludge treatment includes coarse solids and fine solids separation procedures. Drying shaker module is used to remove the coarse solids in the sludge. Sludge is firstly transferred from the pre-collection tank to the shaker for coarse solids separation. And the treated sludge would be then fed to the 2 phase decanter centrifuge for liquid and fine solids separation. 2 separation occurs in different skid.
Demulsion Procedure – Demulsion is a process to take off the oil from the soil. GN oily sludge treatment system has chemical dosing system to mix the acid or alkali and then transferred to the sludge washing tank for demulsion process. This process occurs before the sludge being fed to the decanter centrifuge.
O/W Separation Procedure – The liquid discharged from decanter centrifuge is a mixture of oil and water. The purpose of the oily sludge treatment is to recover as much oil as possible, thus, the final procedure is to separate the oil from water. The oil water separator is fixed on the skid to do this job with any electric components.
This article only mentions the main procedures of GN oily sludge treatment system; in fact, there are still some other equipment and processes included. Both emails and calls would be the ways to GN if any other information needed.