November 02 2017

These days, one of GN’s engineers is busy on commissioning of the mud cleaning equipment sent to the site where a client from The States want to use these equipment to clean the waste mud produced in construction project. So far, all the equipment have been well connected, next, GN’s engineer will help to test running of the equipment and train client’s operator how to use GN machine.
This client totally order 2 set mud cleaning system from GN, GN hopes the performance of the machine would satisfy client and brought profit for client as soon as possible. The ordered mud cleaning system is consist of several separation modules and related auxiliary equipment, below is a brief introduction on the system.

1. Trash collecting hopper – construction waste is delivered to site and then firstly mixed by water to make the waste flowable. At the bottom of the hopper, there are valves for discharge the waste onto a coarse screen for large size particles. This hopper is installed underground for easy waste discharge from the truck.
2. Coarse screen --- the coarse Screen under the hopper would remove the trash like debris, cans, metals etc. The collecting tank under the coarse screen is used for temporally storing the liquid that would be treated further by the fine screen.
3.High G drying shaker --- On one mud tank, GN’s high G force drying shaker is fixed on the first compartment of the tank. The liquid pumped from the tank beneath the coarse screen will be separated again by the drying shaker for fine particles removing and water recovering. For better performance, GN’s shaker is fixed with composite frame screen panel and oil resistance rubber seal strip. This extends the continuous working period and reduces the maintenance frequency.

4. De-silter unit --- The de-silter is assembled equipment by cyclone frame and under drying shaker. The cyclone unit could reduce the cut point down to about 20 microns for much finer solids separation. The under drying shaker is same model with the high G force shaker for maintenance convenience.
5. Big bowldecanter centrifuge --- the decanter centrifuge is provided with telescopic skid. The slurry treated by the cyclone unit would be fed to the centrifuge for polishing. The ultrafine solids cannot be removed even by high speed decanter centrifuge. Thus, GN equipped dosing system that is used for mixing the flocculation agent. By adding the flocculation agent, the ultrafine solid particles would be gathered and separated by the centrifuge unit.

All equipment is provided modularly for easy connection and installation. Per specified request, clients could choose all or several of the modules. For further information on this project, please pay constant concern on GN Solids Control.