October 28 2017

Couple months ago, one client ordered decanter centrifuge and centrifugal pumps from GN solids control, and now the centrifuge unit are working on their jobsite in Canada for oil sludge treatment. Oil sludge would come from the drilling site oily waste cuttings, oil storage tank bottom sedimentation flushing slurry and refinery plant oily waste.
GN has decanter centrifuge designed especially for the oil industry. After few years’ development, the centrifuge unit was approved qualified in solids control fine solids separation, drilling fluids recycling and oil recovery from waste oily sludge.

Before the decanter centrifuge, the client already had the shaker unit for coarse solids separation. This thick oily sludge would be mixed with chemicals firstly in a steel tank for demulsification and viscosity reducing. But only using the shaker unit cannot remove the fine solids in the slurry. After sufficient communication and factory visiting, the client fully know the capability about GN’s decanter centrifuge, finally they order two units from GN.
One of the two centrifuges is 14 inch with max speed up to 3900RPM. This is GN’s most popular model for oil industry. With a high speed, this unit can remove the ultrafine solids from the slurry if adding flocculation agent. The other unit ordered is GN’s big bowl centrifuge with 22 inch diameter rotation bowl; this unit is used to remove the large content solids as its high flow capacity.

Shortly before, GN upgraded the centrifuge bowl material by using stainless steel of 2304 with much better features on corrosion resistance. Centrifugal casting technology makes the bowl body with better balance performance. Both of the units are equipped with VFD control panel for various working condition and client’s multiple purpose. GN is also able to provide the skid for centrifuge to put on for a convenient performance.

GN always makes inventory of decanter centrifuge in case of any urgent request from clients. Welcome to GN for business negotiation and factory capacity inspection.