March 09 2018

Yesterday GN shipped out some equipment for the order from Russia. All the equipment in this order are GN standard model and well accepted by clients’ operators. The order includes containerized drilling cuttings treatment system and other solids control equipment.

Cuttings treatment system is one of GN’s main systems used to treat the waste drilling cuttings discharged from primary solids control equipment. Cuttings dryer is the main equipment in the system. In GN’s design, the dryer unit is installed inside one container with feeding pump and screw conveyor for collecting the dried cuttings discharged from the dryer.

Effluence separated out of the cutting dryer will flow into the collecting tank that also installed inside the container. A mud agitator is installed on the tank for mixing the fluids to prevent the solids settlement. The container is also equipped with washing platform with clean water pipeline for operators’ convenience.

Decanter centrifuge unit would be connected with the cuttings treatment system via the hose system. The liquid in the collecting tank would be pumped to the decanter centrifuge for polishing, so that the drilling fluids could be recovered and reused. GNLW363CG could run at 3200RPM or variable speed for various applications. The 3200rpm unit is widely used for ultra fine solids separation. It is also used in dewatering unit system.

The client also ordered some shale shaker from GN. The model GNZS594E the first stage solids control equipment to remove the coarse drilling cuttings. The waste cuttings is discharged from the shale shaker, and then transferred to cuttings dryer for further treatment. GNZS594 shale shaker has 4 panels screen dimension 585x1165mm, vibration G force adjustable up to 7.5. By changing to 1.94kw vibrator, this model shale shaker could be used as high G force drying shaker for waste cutting management.
For more information, please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.