May 20 2016

This is not the first set containerized drilling waste management system sent to Russia. To ensure the machinery running smoothly in cold weather, customers from Russia always prefer this containerized design that could make all equipment indoor. Operator could run the equipment inside, and this standard container size is also convenient for transportation by sea.

Customized Configuration Waste Management System

Vertical cuttings dryer unit is one of the core equipment for waste management system, it is always used for drying the waste slurry to get much dryer solid discharges and recover liquid. The dryer unit in this project is GN’s D version model with normal RPM of 900, equipped with air knife system and flushing system for cleaning of screen and liquid discharge circle chute during equipment running to avoid block inside the dryer unit.

Hose pump is used to transfer the waste material into the dryer unit. The advantage of using the hose pump is less limitation to locate it and this type pump works very well for high density waste transportation. Screw conveyor unit is provided to install under the dryer unit to deliver the solid discharges out to the container. And outside the container, there is waste collecting box to collect the waste coming from the conveyor. This waste collecting box is also design and made by GN with cover for hazardous material further transportation.

GN Ever provided 4 sets drilling waste management system including vertical cuttings dryer and VFD model decanter centrifuge to Baker Hughes in Russia. Their operator made a very big canvas house to put the whole system inside for better performance with very low weather temperature.
Nowadays, GN has sent over 40 units dryer units to customers, some units are modular design for easy layout onsite, while some others are installed on the skid system together with decanter centrifuge unit for customers’ requirement on full processing of waste.