September 27 2018

Due to the limited area, the mud recycling equipment on offshore platform is always with compact structure and high efficiency. The used drilling mud and waste cuttings coming from offshore platform normally will be barged to land for treatment. Thus, to maximally recover the drilling fluids will greatly reduce the time and fund cost in treating the waste cuttings. GN VIST vacuum shale shaker can greatly increase the volume of recovered drilling fluids.

GN ViST vacuum shale shaker is a shaker unit with a vacuum suction hopper installed under the last shaker screen. Shale shaker is the beginning of the mud recycling system, and drilling cuttings discharged from the shale shaker are always very wet with large content of drilling fluids. High recovery rate of the drilling fluids will greatly reduce the cost on cuttings treatment and new drilling fluids making. The ViST vacuum unit connects the shaker via a collecting pan under the last panel shaker screen at the cuttings discharge port. When the drilling fluids passes through the shaker screen, the vacuum unit will make a negative pressure to suck the liquid into the collecting pan, and then to the vacuum unit.

The vacuum unit is working as suck and discharge alternatively; operator can set up the sucking time and discharge time for automatically running.

Features of ViST Vacuum Shale Shaker
1. GN Vist vacuum shale shaker is suitable for OBM, WBM and SBM.
2. By using the VIST system, the drilling fluids recovered will be increased by 30%~50%, It greatly reduces the discharge of drilling waste and the cost in transporting the waste.
3. Before this VIST shale shaker, GN ever issued the high G force drying shaker to recover more drilling fluids on cuttings. By using this VIST system, the drying shaker will be no need; Moreover, the installation of VIST system will not need any extra area onsite.
4. Operator can put much finer shaker screen on the shale shaker as the ViST vacuum system increased the liquid conductance of the screen.

GN took into consideration of the sealing performance between the shaker bottom and the VIST collecting pan, ensured there was no leakage of drilling fluids. The installation of the VIST system will not conflict with the screen installation. GN VIST vacuum unit can be connected to maximally 3 shale shakers at the same time. For more information, please feel free to contact with GN.