February 09 2018

Last week, GN sent one set 400 BBL capacity mud tank system for an Australia client. GN’s rich experience in manufacturing as per Australia standards, like welding, cable colors and so on, ensures this order. Client also approved and accepted when visited GN on inspection before delivery.

This 400 BBL mud system is for a small rig. Client was worrying about the height of the mud tank will be higher than the drilling mud return pipe of the rig. Actually, GN’s design team has lot of experience in design the mud system, this problem will be considered as one the key factors when make the design. After confirming the height, the proposal provided by GN has a full consideration on let the used drilling mud flow to the tank and ever get into the shale shaker unit easily.

This 400 BBL mud tank system is consisting of 3 parts. Mud recycling tank, mud storage tank and a separate mud mixing unit skid. In consideration of the sufficient tank net volume and height limitation, GN designed the tank with large width which can only be shipped by bulk ship. A separatemixing hopper skid is also for the purpose of making the tank larger net volume capacity.

The equipment configuration of this 400 BBL mud system is simple but effective. 2 unit GNZS703 shale shaker installed on the first tank for coarse solids separation, the shakers occupied almost half area of the tank top, the other half is fixed with one unit mud agitator and also left space for mounting a degasser unit in future in case any request. The second tank is used for active mud storage and mud mixing, four units mud agitators work well to keep the solids in drilling fluids suspending. A separate mixing unit skid is able to be connected with mud tank freely as per site area.

GN solids control has rich experience in designing and manufacturing the mud tank system used in oil gas drilling and other drilling projects. Any request, no hesitate to contact with GN.