June 10 2017

Shale shaker is the very normal drilling fluids recycling equipment used in oil drilling field. It is always used as the first stage separation equipment to remove the coarse size drilling cuttings. A good performance of the shale shaker will greatly ensure the performance of the following cyclone separation unit and even the decanter centrifuge.
The shale shakers showing here are for one of GN’ client from Russia, this client has already placed several orders to GN for various solids control equipment, of course, the shale shaker unit is included. Most of GN’s orders are repeated orders from the existing clients. The stable performance of the shaker let client give more orders to GN.

On fabrication of GN shale shaker, it has simple structure to let operators know exactly all the parts of the shaker unit, this would make the operating and maintenance easy. Heating treatment on all the shaker deck and additional strengthen bar on both sides of the shaker make the shaker deck able to stand high vibration force. Embedded installation of the rubber seal technology and stainless steel material screen panel support frame bring excellent sealing performance and less maintenance of the shaker unit.
GN’s 4-panel screen shale shaker is fixed with shaker screen with dimension of 585x1165mm, this is a very popular screen dimension used. This shaker is not only to be use in primary solids control system, but also can be used in high G force drying shaker in waste management system by equipping with large power vibrators. Besides 4-panels screen model, GN has 3-panel screen and 2 panel screen shaker model as well. Those shakers can be use in oil drilling fluids separation, no-dig drilling mud recycling and core diamond drilling projects with
various capacity requests.

To ensure a prompt delivery, GN has sufficient inventory of mechanical part of the shale shaker unit, after receiving the order, only need to get vibrators and complete the assembling, then the shale shaker would be shipped out. GN also has inventory agreement with suppliers for out sourcing parts, which is also a guarantee for in time delivery.